Year       Theme                                                                        Captain                          Place

2020       Spirit of the Sea                                                       Robert Runowski             6th

2019       Fall From Grace                                                       Robert Runowski             8th

2018       Out of the Web                                                          Robert Runowski             1st

2017       Raindance                                                                 Robert Runowski             2nd

2016       A Scarecrow's Dream                                              Robert Runowski             1st

2015       A Prince's Tale                                                          Robert Runowski             7th

2014       The Legend of Angkor Wat                                      Robert Runowski             5th

2013       Apocalypse: Activate Thunderdome                       Robert Runowski             7th

2012       World of Witchcraft                                                   Robert Runowski            4th

2011       Trained to Perform                                                   Robert Runowski             6th

2010       Festival in Flight                                                       Robert Runowski             5th

2009       SEA-crets of the Deep                                              Charles Kueny                 3rd

2008       Robo-Motion                                                              Charles Kueny                 4th

2007       Eternal Forces: Fire and Ice                                    Charles Kueny                  5th

2006       Salaam Bombay                                                       Charles Kueny                  4th

2005       East Meets West                                                       Charles Kueny                  3rd

2004       Sorcerers: A Fantasy of Color                                 William Burke Jr.            7th-T

2003       Spirit of the Phoenix                                                 William Burke Jr.             6th

2002       Midnight Madness                                                    William Burke Jr.            10th

2001       Reflections from the Dark Side of the Moon          William Burke Jr.             4th

2000       King of Swing                                                            William Burke Jr.             4th

1999       Merlin’s Magical Kingdom                                       William Burke Jr.             9th

1998       Swingin’ Fanta-Sea                                                  William Burke Jr.             5th

1997       Party Time In Rio                                                      William Burke Jr.              4th

1996       Fire & Ice – Mortal Combat                                      William Burke Jr.             2nd

1995       Pow Wow Follies                                                      William Burke Jr.             7th

1994       Aladdin – An Arabian Fantasy                                William Burke Jr.             3rd

1993       Jungle Mania                                                            William Burke Jr.             5th

1992       Masquerade – A Theatrical Surprise                     William Burke Jr.             6th

1991       Rockin’ on the Planet Metropolis                            William Burke Jr.            3rd

1990       Wild Wizards of Dance                                             William Burke Jr.             2nd

1989       Hot, Hot, Hot Tropical Nights                                   William Burke Jr.             2nd

1988       Fantasies of the Night                                              William Burke Jr.             5th

1987       Hibiscus Dudes & Their Hothouse Beauties          William Burke Jr.             3rd

1986       Birds of a Feather                                                     William Burke Jr.             2nd

1985       Memories of Theatrical Cats                                   William Burke Jr.             3rd

1984       Court of Ceremonial Splendor                                William Burke Jr.             3rd

1983       Japanese Cherry Blossom Fantasy                        William Burke Jr.             1st

1982       UnderSea Fantasia                                                   William Burke Jr.             4th

1981       Reflections of a Crystal Galaxy                               William Burke Jr.             3rd

1980       Count Dracula’s Masked Ball                                  William Burke Jr.            10th

1979       Chinese New Year – The Imperial Court                William Burke Jr.              7th

1978       Legends of Cossacks                                               William Burke Jr.              7th

1977       Mummer Dolls on Parade                                        William Burke Jr.           17th

1976       Greek Tradition                                                         Joseph Keyser                12th

1975       Give My Regards to Broadway                                Joseph Keyser                15th

1974       The Spirit of 1776                                                    Joseph Keyser                 14th

1973       Dancing Through the Seasons                               Joseph Schubert             18th

1972       Sesame Street                                                         Joseph Schubert             18th

1971       Dancing Chandeliers                                               Joseph Schubert              10th

1970       CheckMate                                                               Joseph Schubert               7th

1969       DID NOT PARADE                            

1968       DID NOT PARADE                            

1967       DID NOT PARADE                            

1966       Heat Wave                                                                 Joseph Schubert             11th

1965       European Holiday                                                     Joseph Schubert             5th

1964       Give My Regards to Broadway                                Joseph Schubert             4th

1963       Dancing Through the Seasons                                Joseph Schubert             1st

1962       Marionettes in Dances of the Century                    Joseph Schubert            2nd

1961       Flower Fiesta                                                           Joseph Schubert             12th

1960       American Indian Chieftains                                      Joseph Julia                    4th

1959       Melody of Stars                                                        John Stewart                   10th

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